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About Us

What we do

Our society offers a mixture of business, cultural and social events. These are aimed at promoting Japanese culture within Scotland and to promote Scotland within Japan. We also work to raise awareness of Japan’s enormous strategic value to Scotland as well as of the large and developed markets that exist in Japan.



JSOS Twitter Launch

We have launched our Twitter! Follow us at @JapanSocScot for updates on the society, notifications of new events and other things related to Japan and Scotland.

JSOS Eventbrite launch

We have launched our Eventbrite organisation page! Eventbrite is a website that makes hosting events easy and allows us to reach more people and increase the online presence of the society. All of our future events will be posted on Eventbrite in addition to our usual communication channels. Our event scheduled for April 24th is…

Apply for a grant

To promote Japanese culture we offer various grants for individuals and organisations.

How You Can Help

Become a Member

You can get involved today by becoming a member. There are many benefits of membership including access to events, networking with like-minded individuals and a yearly newsletter.

Donation and Support

If you are interested in making a donation or wish to support our work in other ways then please get in touch through our enquiries inbox.

Become a Member Today!

Since 1986 we have worked to promote ties between Scotland and Japan. Become a part of our thriving community today and enjoy an annual programme of exciting events and talks.

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What People Say

The scholarship has given me so much more than a wonderful experience in Japan, as it has helped me to achieve other goals. A few months after I returned, I was successful in gaining a training contract with a multinational commercial law firm, who saw these experiences as an asset to their UK-based Japan legal team.

Caroline Marshall, Thomas Glover scholar 2015

The first of the three universities I visited was the Tokyo Institute of Technology where I met with Dr Yagi whose lab was amazing. It is an engineering lab that specialises in neuroscientific applications and, in his words, “We are makers” as they build most of their own equipment and he even requires that new postgraduates build their own desks.

Alexander Donald, Thomas Glover scholar 2018

The scholarship has changed my life for the better in many ways, not least of which being the motivation it has given me to strive in my chosen career’s field, so that I may yet be able to go to Japan again in the future, and further on, live and work there.

Mark Livingstone, Thomas Glover scholar 2017

I made a point of trying to experience as much as I could away from the classroom. Living in the ICU dorm provided a highly sociable basis to my day, while I also tried to get off campus whenever possible to immerse myself in Tokyo and practice my new-found conversation skills … my connections and experiences on the scholarship transformed my ability to speak Japanese and deepened my desire to work in Japan for a longer period.

Daniel Robertson, Thomas Glover scholar 2019